Nevila Xhindi on behalf of “Young Toward Europe” Project  —

The opening up of Albania and its accession as member states to the EU have brought new dimension to youth issues. Being influenced by different national and European stakeholders, decision makers in Albania has re-established youth policy mechanisms by adopting relevant policy documents and creating bodies responsible for youth related issues. The first youth strategy belongs to 2007 – 2013 and actually Albania is implementing the Youth Strategy 2014 – 2020 which tackle the key policies of the Albanian Government for the youth sector and their involvement in the community, such as employment, education, health and culture. As well the National Youth Action Plan approved for the first time on 6 May 2015 is considered as an important turning point in the way politics deals with youth. While the Government is engaged in EU related reforms, there is a lack of comprehensive information and public debate and dialogue about the EU integration and accession process and related reforms, its benefits and costs among key target groups, its real impact on the Albanian society and life of Albanian citizens. “Young toward Europe” is a project funded by IPA II European Union

Integration Facility 2014 “Support to civil society organisations for the implementation of capacity building actions to increase policy dialogue and awareness on European integration process” – IPA2014/Al18 and implemented by the “Mesdheu Center – Mediterranean University of Albania”

in a partnership with the Bulgarian School of Politics “DimitryPanitza” and EDA Institute in Albania during Dec 2018- June 2020.


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